Patrol Division:

The Raritan Borough Police Department Patrol Division is staffed by 14 officers consisting of 4 Police Sergeants and 10 Patrol Officers and is supervised by a Patrol Lieutenant.

The patrol division is the core of the police department. This Division is responsible for responding to all reported crimes, motor vehicle crashes, calls for service, Emergency Service calls such as EMS and Fire calls, traffic enforcement and a variety of Community oriented activities. The Patrol division actively works in maintaining the safety of our neighborhoods. With public cooperation and the support it receives from the community the effectiveness of our law enforcement mission can be achieved. If a department cannot gain and maintain the confidence of the citizens of its community, its effectiveness is curtailed and its integrity and ability is questioned. Public trust and support can be obtained when the citizens are confident that the police will not overstep the safeguards to individual liberty and when the individual and members of the department demonstrate that they are interested in and actively engaged in promoting the public peace and welfare. Our patrol division must project to the citizens of the community its ability and willingness to serve with integrity and effectiveness.

Our Patrol officers work under our mission statement as being dedicated to protecting life, property, and maintaining order while assuring fair and equal treatment to everyone. We are a small group of hard working individuals who pride themselves in keeping Raritan Borough the community that its citizens have come to cherish. We do need your assistance. Please report all crimes or suspicious activities to our direct number at 908-725-6700 X0 or dial 911 for all emergencies.

With your help we will continue providing the services that has kept Raritan Borough a desired place to live.