A Brief History of the
Raritan Borough Police Department

In 1891 the town fathers established the first organized police force to oversee the growing population of immigrants who were settling in the area. This force lasted only two years and was disbanded in 1893. Years went by and a new force was established. In 1937 Patrolman Lorenzo Rossi became the first police chief to enforce laws in Raritan. The Raritan Police force was located at the Raritan Fire House on Anderson Street with the police department consisting of three officers who patrolled the graveled streets on bicycles and on foot. As time went on the police department moved to motorcycles and eventually cars were used for police response. The police department expanded over the years and numerous dedicated officers have patrolled the streets of Raritan Borough professionally and with honor. Currently the department is an 18 member police force consisting of a Chief of Police, 2 Police Lieutenants, 2 Detectives, 4 Police Sergeants and 9 Patrol Officers. Our department is also staffed by a civilian Administrative Assistant. Dispatching of our officers and answering of all police calls are handled through Somerset County Communications who provide professional services to our Borough. Police Headquarters moved in 1979 to its current location at 20 First Street. In late 2011 into early 2012 changes were made to the interior of police headquarters to assists with its operations.