Detective Bureau:

The Raritan Borough Police Department Detective Bureau is commanded by Capt Craig Monda. The division is staffed by 2 officers assigned to the Bureau who have received extensive training in the science of criminal investigation. The divisionís primary function is to follow up on investigations involving cases such as, but not limited to Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Auto Theft, Assault, Sexual Assaults and Sex Crimes, Identity Theft, Computer Crimes, Frauds and Narcotic Investigations. This division works in conjunction with the Somerset County Prosecutors Office on all Major Crimes that may occur. The Division is also responsible for services such as Evidence Management, Megan Law Sex Offender Registrations, State Alcohol Beverage Control Matters, Employment Background Investigations, Processing of all Juvenile Matters and Investigations requested by the Borough.

Anyone wishing to provide information on criminal activity may do so by calling the Detective Bureau directly at 908-725-0426. If you are leaving a message we would appreciate if you leave a name and phone number so we can follow up with you on the information.† However, information can also be anonymous.